continous filter




At ADGS EUROPE, we take the challenge to supply one of the most polyvalent et efficient continuous melt flow self-cleaning filter for polymers.

We proudly bring in Europe the 40-years-experience of our mother Company ADGS Solution, based in USA, Tucker, Georgia. Since then, more than 100 filters have been installed to polymers recyclers companies.

We are now committed to spread this huge knowledge into European Country and to convert it into our biggest success. This is the birth of ADGS EUROPE.

Proven American design with all component fulfilling European Regulations. Spare parts and After-Sales Service are placed in Europe.

  • Higher operating pressure: up to 240 bar
  • Filtration: up to 180 microns
  • Capacity: up to 3.000 kg/h
  • Spare parts and After-sales Service based in Europe
  • Cost-effective; quick ROI